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premium listings

We ONLY accept Dogecoin. We offer re-flashed and re-worked badass routers to supercharge your home network.
Look no further for your networking needs!

Yipptee - Just awesome T-Shirts and free US Shipping. All your favourite doge designs!

Write news articles and earn dogecoin!!!

donate dogecoin for advertisement space on this drifter! Various sizes available!
They will donate 40% of your dogecoin to charity!
Get your name out there and help your fellow shibes!

The go to source for all official dogecoin Charity and developmental projects. Donate your dogecoin to help the community grow!

Eshop where only Dogecoin are accepted. Here you can find all kind of products.
In addition, we ship worldwide for free.

quality hand-made moon-wear, such warm, so soft

Try your luck with dogecoin scratch offs!

roll the dice with dogecoin on the line

The home of physical dogecoins!

Buy Game Consoles, Gift Cards, Gold & Silver, T-shirts, Stickers and Doritos for Dogecoin!


amigo mio
Animal rescue shelter in spain taking donations in dogecoins.

Community that uses donations to pay writers dogecoins for their works.

Were trying to raise 20 million Dogecoin by the end of the month, which will sponsor:
Two litters of puppies wholl be trained and paired with children as they grow up.
Two adult service dogs being placed with families in need.

the dogecoin foundation
a non-profit organization created by the founders of Dogecoin for the purpose of
spreading the use of the currency through goodwill and charitable endeavors

doge drift
donate dogecoin for a sticker on this drift car! Various sizes available!
They will donate 40% of your dogecoin to charity!Get your name out there and help your fellow shibes!

Indonesia Free Medical Consultation

DokterSehat is non profit organization registered in Indonesia for healthcare.
We provide free information about Health and Medical consultation.
We also sometimes have medical services in rural area when have additional budget.
Currently we are the biggest healthcare website in Indonesia.

douglas county dental clinic
Now accepting donations in dogecoin!

Project Leatherback Inc.
donations help support research to savethese awesome turtles.

ghana medical help
We supply hospitals in Northern Ghana with urgently needed basic medical equipment.

league against aids
donate doge to battle hiv/aids!

lucies place
Lucies Place works with homeless Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender young adults in the Central Arkansas area.
Currently raising money to purchase a home and open a Transitional Living Program (TLP).
Charity raising donations to reimburse people who lost coins in the dogewallet attack. Now accepting claims!

shiba scout rescue
Donate to the address they have listed! Save the shibes!

rebuilding roots
our mission is to provide the resources and
facilities to children in need that will help them become our leaders of tomorrow.

The Red Elephant Foundation
An initiative built with the main aim of achieving peace.
The overarching goal is building a bridge between the empowered and yet to be empowered women and girls in society.

still easier than chemo
Still Easier Than Chemo is all about putting cancer on the run and proving we are all capable of achieving extraordinary things even in desperate times.

wags and whiskers pet rescue
We are a non-profit organisation who rescue dogs and cats from the streets and from animal control around North Florida.
In 2013 we rehomed 165 dogs and 385 cats.
Your doge will help us save even more doges (and kittehs!) in 2014!

apparel + accessories

Adogs Paracord
\paracord accessories like bracelets, keyfobs, and lanyards for dogecoin.

afk apparel
Buy video game inspired t-shirts online. 60 day return policy and free next day delivery on all UK orders.

Dogecoin merchandise designed by dogecoin community. *message privately for dogecoin transaction*

Dig It
Handmade DOGE Screenprint on 100% certified organic cotton shirt

doge clothes for dogecoin!

dogedoor store
Equip your entire family in Shibe-wear!
From babies to puppies we have you covered.
Use our custom QR code products to show off your wallet address!
Fill out the form on our site, to pay with Dogecoins!

doge clothing
Doge Clothing offers the finest in creative and entertaining Dogecoin clothing.
Send us a useable image of you in your shirt to receive 1k Doge straight back to your wallet.

doge dress
A shop which sells womens clothing, mainly dresses for Doge.

so crypto
much fashion

Dogetags with customizable QR codes

fresh doge
The only place to buy a fresh pair with your fresh doge! Buy underwear,
undergarments, t-shirts, pajamas and everything you NEED! We ONLY accept Doge.

happy doge
handcrafted dog ID tags and doge themed art magnets!

life sunglasses
sunglasses for shibes

molly machine - btc starter
Clothing that tells a story, link to their btc starter

Custom apparel, necklaces, keychains,
or earrings and more!

peace and love stitch
get you official moon hat!

peony embroidery
Peony Embroidery sells handmade embroidered accessories for dogecoin,
at a reasonable price! Each one is unique, and there are a variety of designs available.
Spend some doge and keep the dogeconomy going!

shibe swag
ShibeSwag is a new place where you can get your doge related items. Easy to use. Small, but growing selection.
Creators are part of the community and are flexible and willing to make what you want!

Showroom Mode
All the fashions clothes, accessories and shoes. accepting payment by crypto

symmetrical koncepts
Car Enthusiast Apparel

tiny top hat fashions
Tiny handmade special occasion and everyday fashion hats.

undie guys
Get menys undies, swimwear and shirts.
Just select the crypto currency option at checkout and let us know if you need any help!

urban graff
hoodies, clothing, stickers and more

urban mist
We sell shirts in lots of different styles.
Blank Shirts and shirts with designs.

very much shirts
A modest little Zazzle shop with original DOGE themed designs.
Tees, Keychains, and Leggings sure to amaze any shopper!
Simply contact the store owner if you would like to pay in DOGE!


303 North Studio
a brick and mortar Art studio in Las Vegas, now accepting dogecoins

Original Art for Dogecoin!

daniel sjolund photography
Limited Edition Fine Art Waterproof Aluminum Prints.
The ready-to-hang photograph is molecularly fused into metal to create
a scratch resistant piece that is modern and has a unbelievable luminance you can only appreciate with your own eyes.

david illustrations
an illustrator with a passion for storytelling and all things animated.
He has done work for both independent and major companies alike.
Thanks for checking out the shop!

doge draws
awesome shibe inspired prints!

dogma portraits
DOGMA Portraits by BLANKartist is a series of funky, unique pet portraits inspired by fans just like you!
Payments accepted in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin

dont shake it like a polaroid
Polaroid prints by Michael Behlen, now available for dogecoin

Michal Czeisler
Original one of a kind space, landscape, and fantasy paintings
Accepting Dogecoin and Bitcoin, free shipping to countries all over the world

donation-base group that creates art to your request.
All art is free, however DogeCoin tips are much appreciated

nigel robertson
Traditional Contemporary Impressionist Painter

oam studios
art, murals,lessons,figure drawing and more by Omar Morineau

ooh oona
Handpainted Altered Mtg cards, plus all other forms of Art and design!

such wood
wood blocks with doge-meme inspired words carved into them

tuschay design studio
Creating objective driven art with passion and professionalism to better assist communication between you and your clients.

limited edition prints

books is the eBook Marketplace for self-published authors to list their eBooks and sell directly to their fans.
Sell your work today, or come by and buy a book from a crypto-friendly author!

designing hypermedia apis
E-books by Steve Klabnik

dogecoins for humans (coming soon)
E-books by Steve Klabnik

little Shop in the big woods
Vintage and retro books including science texts, childrens books, crafts, cooking, romance and pulp.

Meltdown Comics
located in the heart of Hollywood, California on Sunset Blvd, opened in 1993 and has since become one the most respected comic book stores in the world.
Taking a sophisticated approach to merchandise and operations,>br? the 14,000sq/ft giant has garnered a reputation for hosting successful gallery openings,
award winning comedy including the @meltdown_show on @ComedyCentral
and live shows as well as podcasting events in their collaborative space with @NerdistDotCom, the @NerdMelt Showroom.

mine dogecoins
Beginners guide to getting started mining Dogecoins.

rust for rubyists
E-books by Steve Klabnik

coffee + tea

blackmarket beans
provides ethically produced, shade grown, and high elevation coffee for dogecoin.

coffee for doge
choose between starbucks and dunkin donuts giftcards available for dogecoin

one slim tea
Detox teas

pacha cacao
The Worlds Best Chocolate Tea

Tea Doges Tea Dojo
A humble tea shop; supplying high quality organic tea to all my Zen Shibes.

collectables + coins

Boxsome sells vintage, unopened packs of trading cards and stickers from the 80s and 90s based on movies, TV shows, video games, and more.
Every order comes with free goodies like loose cards and stickers!

Crypto Collectibles
Such comic books

Cryptollectible Coins
physical Dogecoins and displays for decorating your desk, your mining rig, or your art gallery! Such physical. Very coin. Many doge. Wow!

dogecoin bank
Selling real physical doge coins, currently only in brass but more to come!

doge fed
selling secure paper wallets and
Fine Art Paper Wallet Charity Auctions- 50/50 artist charity

Music collectables - Vinyls, Cassettes, etc

lets make saw dust
little vintage style ammo boxes and have been accepting Doges!

We have started selling physical DOGEcoins.
These are beautiful 3D designed coins, that ship with a velvet case, perfect for a souvenir to remember this journey.

shibe mint
The home of physical dogecoins!

tenacious toys
an NYC-based online art toy shop. We specialize in handmade and production art toys in resin and vinyl.


We are a reputable ecurrencies exchanger and we have been satisfying hundreds of customers since our service inception in 2014.
In our online shop you can buy perfect Money or Bitcoin by Dogecoin.


badass routers
We ONLY accept Dogecoin. We offer re-flashed and re-worked badass routers to supercharge your home network.
Look no further for your networking needs!

cable manage
an online store where you can buy cable management bits and pieces such as cable ties
sleeving, heatshrink and much more at affordable prices and pay using Doge!

Microcontroller components

New Loge
international online Electronics Superstore where you can buy the latest top brand electronics at the best possible prices.
NewLoge is proud to be one of the first online retailers to accept almost all cryptocurrencies like:
Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Feathercoins, Namecoins and much more.
wholesale computer parts.

retro towers
Retro Game Flash Carts, Retro game controllers and More Retro Gaming accessories.

sfc inc
We buy and sell electrical product, and are accepting dogecoin as payment

top quality tools
Over 85,000 electronic products for sale.

xidax custom pcs
quickly become one of the most recognizable brands in the boutique pc industry.
Xidax sells gaming pcs, laptops, workstations, and cryptocurrency mining rigs.
Xidax is the only custom PC builder to accept Dogecoin.


run for the king
Run For The King is a 5k mud run with its first race on June 21st.
We accept dogecoins for registration! And at the best discount available!


doge roll
A new gambling game that accepts Doge Coin as payment.
such luck, much profit! :D

#1 Dogecoin Game. Double, triple or quadriple your dogecoins in seconds!

dogecoin lottery
The coolest Dogecoin Lottery! There is a winner every 10 minutes as well as daily, weekly and monthly draws.

doge spin
Dogecoin Roulette and BlackJack, decent odds for both!

gamble doge
dogecoin poker! Instant Deposit / Withdraw,
Fully animated poker game with HD graphics, Safe and Secure account / wallet system

gamer shibe is a place where shibes can bet on video games and 25% of all winnings go to charity.

lottery doge
LotteryDoge is a place to get scratch-off tickets that you can buy with doge,
and win doge! Multiple games offered with different prizes for each one.

luckydoge lottery
The Dogecoin lottery with a guaranteed weekly winner! (Consider local jurisdiction of lottery when playing)

moon bets
Bet on real events with Dogecoin!

Play Poker with Dogecoins. Daily freerolls = better than water bowls!

roll the coin
Your number 1 choice in Dogecoin dice rolling. Lowest around 0.98% house edge!

dogecoin scratch off tickets!!

shiba dice
roll the dice with dogecoin on the line

so dicey
try your shibe luck, doge dice with automatic betting bot, set and profit! 0.5% house edge!

such blackjack
Good old blackjack with dogecoins


battle bots is a multiplayer HTML5 game Ive created where players draw and battle bots to take over cities.

chaos drift
pre-order this new RPG

the latest Steam Keys, Origin Keys, Xbox Live subscriptions and more in return for Dogecoins.
You can receive the activation codes instantly after payment via our online system, and download legally at full speed.
CJS CD Keys are a leader in the industry and have a huge reputation! Check us out!

A game to help strabismus

Purchase Steam Game Gifts to your email with Dogecoin! Orders fulfilled between 8 PM and 10 PM Central Time (GMT -6).

DogeBomb is similar to the game Hot Potato. Grab the bomb and pass it on for more dogecoins! Such profit!

DogeCade: compete against shibes, win their doges. Currently multiplayer rock paper scissors.
Many more games planned and in development

Trade your favorite crypto for Game Keys. Anonymous, secure and fast.

a game server for Trackmania Nations that pays out to winners in Dogecoin

games crypt
a new gaming outlet that specializes in cryptocurrency.
We sell Indie games in exchange for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
Any interested developers may contact us to have their games hosted.

A specialized site in Steam, Origin and Desura keys!
Many promotions and Such prices. Up to 90% reduction! Best place for Gamer Shibes!

gaming doge
PC game CD-Keys available for dogecoin!US only

Looking for Steam/Desura/Origin games? We have a wide variety of games, all 50% off the market price.

high descent
You are a 12th century nobleman and you have control of a small army of mercenaries.
There are other noblemen who would love to see you fall, thereby having your power and land distributed amongst them.

lone wolf
A 2.5D Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up Role Playing Game.
This action/adventure game lets a player use martial arts skills, weapons,
and turn into a werewolf to fight their way through a world set in the aftermath of a 1980s-esque post nuclear devastation.
Currently accepting donations for the game in Dogecoin, the equivalent donations for purchase
of the game in BTC/USD will receive the game, Dogecoin direct payment processing pending.

Our Plat
Our staff are on call 24/7 to make sure you get what you need immediately.
We are dedicated to providing you highest level of service possible in the industry.
You will be given the fast and reliable service, along with amazing prices.
One thing we take pride in is our delivery times.
We are always trying to improve, and we promise you, that you will not find better service than with OurPlat.

Spawn Point Gamers lounge
A pay per hour video game lounge with consoles ranging from Atari to PS4 and high end PCs. Now accepting Ðoge for gameplay hours!

vox, now accepting dogecoin.


afternoon delight
a variety of handmade fabric flower bouquets, brooch bouquets, bridal hair accessories, and wedding decor.
We hope to be a part of your special day and specialize in custom details and
doing our best to make your wedding package exactly how you dreamed it would be!

the bunny bundle
A fun store for both bunnies and humans. We sell custom items and other neat items.
A feature is homemade treats for bunnies. We also sale bottle cap jewelry.

carbon doge
Carbon Fiber DogeCoin items like keychains, etc

cellphone hoodies and other unique cell cases.

dogecoin media market
a quick and easy way to pick up some quality media for dogecoin,
or list your own work for people to buy.

At Doges4Decals you can now use your dogecoins to purchase high quality, custom vinyl stickers.
Great for cars, laptops, snowboards, etc. for orders contact

doge it yourself
Doge It Yourself is an online hardware store dedicated to helping do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts!

dogE shop
Eshop where only Dogecoin are accepted.
Here you can find all kind of products.
In addition, we ship worldwide for free.

dogecoin stickers
Dogecoin stickers as seen in /r/dogemarket. Much Wow, Doge Face, and Doge Inside. Maybe more soon!

dogestuff store
In this store you can find Custom Paper Wallet Generator, Doge Stamps and Achievements Certificates

Much Gift Card. Very Accept.

going global
Going Global Fair Trade sells handmade, fair trade goods from around the world that
we source from various coops and producers in third world countries.
We make sure that all our products help improves the lives of the artists who make them,
by providing providing, financial and technical assistance, fair wages and safe good working conditions

gustavo goods
Welcome to Gustavos Goods where you will find a wide variety of costumes, cosplay accessories,
fan - based jewelry items, greeting cards, and other unique and fun items guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

high quality 1 inch pinback buttons and vinyl decals.
If you dont find what youre looking for in the shop, custom orders are always welcomed.

your source for official Krav-Maga products

your favourite memes designed onto all kinds of goodies!

midwest cord
Supplier of Paracord and Accessories
The easiest way to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies

quian percussion
Handbuilt Cajons, by Mike Quain.

Restaurant rotisserie cookers for dogecoin!

The only place to shop for Generation Y with dogecoin!

Trans Hash
a Colorado-based online retailer of various computer components, consumer electronics, home furnishings, apparel, and outdoor products.
All of TransHashs products are sourced from manufacturers or authorized wholesalers.
like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter (@TransHash).
giftcards available for dogecoin!
From Amazon to ebay use your doge for pretty much anything! More platforms coming soon

Yipptee - Just awesome T-Shirts and free US Shipping. All your favourite doge designs!

graphics and web design

904 creative
Custom small business website design, development and programming services.

alex mark
web and UI/UX design

blue beanie belle
Offers bespoke animated videos, pixel graphics, illustrations and cartoon pictures. Happily accepting Dogecoin.

code for doge
Build the website of your dreams for Doge. Get in touch now.

create stunning websites with your dogecoin!

elsea labs
Elsea Labs is a company selling extremely low priced graphic design services for DOGE!
Quality of enterprise at a low cost.

The Graceful Moose Web Design
Cheap, affordable web design service. Free hosting/domain setup from biz - .nf available.

Offers a wide range of affordable website design and search engine optimization services.

If youre looking for a graphic artist I would be more than happy to assist you!

i wanna be your doge
A Doge meme generator, free for all to use, with also premium templates payable in dogecoin

Joe Ensoll Graphic Design
Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding, Logos and other visuals.

Making Stuff graphic design
Stickers, graphics and more! Custom designs and printed icons of the internet for sale in Dogecoin and various digital currencies.

media karma
Web development, design, mobile applications, hosting and more.

media robiê
EN Virtual tours, 360 degree images, spherical panoramas, 3D images.

paul bunyan design
Graphic Design/Branding/Marketing/Print/Web Design.
At Paul Bunyan Design...We Make Tall Tales a Reality. ™Now accepting Dogecoin!

Recycled Robot
Web Development & Design | Computer Repairs | Other Things

sparkle stock
Premium photoshop add-ons

Supernova Designs
Im a freelance graphic designer willing to do some great graphics, for you!

mk programming
web design, development, and marketing services

Upchurch design helps businesses sell more, and project professionalism through design for web and print.

vakava designs
Motion graphics, print and web design and illustration.
print, web and video designer
We offer hosting, design for web and print,
programming of web sites and web applications. Based in Switzerland.

health + healing

crypto soaps
a division of Dirty Ass Soaps
providing you with the most kickass soaps around!
Here, youll be able to find Your favorite Cryptocurrency coins in soap form for maximum cleanliness.
All of our soaps are made with a shea butter based formula (unless noted in the description)
and are free from sulfates, detergents and parabens.
Our soaps are 100% vegan and contain no palm oil.
We use organic ingredients whenever possible.
Shipping costs are included in the price.

daniel lake cmt
Massage services in the Hampton roads area available for dogecoin

east coast float spa
Float Spa in West Chester, PA - offering Floatation Therapy to all of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley
(also known as REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST).
The place to float in Philly!
very relaxation. wow such float. much stress and pain relief. float to the moon

emc express care
medical services for dogecoin! serving the fort wort TX and surrounding areas.

KHI Botanicals
sells kratom, kava and other fine herbs and spices and accepts dogecoin at our online store.

mineral pharmacy
Mineral Pharmacy is an 80 year old brick and mortar family-owned Pharmacy in Superior, Montana.
They offer 10% all DOGE sales and sell over the counter medications, vitamins, supplements and beauty/haircare products.

home decor + garden

bitcoin bazaar
the home of cool and inspirational gifts, homeware and furniture!

brew city gardens
located at 4307 W. Vliet in Milwaukee’s Martin Drive neighborhood across from Washington Park,
offers home composting supplies and compost bins,
worm composting systems and red wiggler (Eisenia fetida) worms,
organic and non GMO seeds, seed starting supplies,
bagged compost and seed starting mixes, used garden tools and equipment
and other urban homesteading products along with information about composting and gardening.

capital dining chairs
Great looking, high Quality dining chairs to suit any home for any budget
accepting dogecoins

cheap melbourne beds
Cheap Melbourne Beds provides the cheapest beds across Melbourne, Aus.
Check out our site for pricing info. We provide a 10% discount for orders paid by Dogecoin!

crypto for peppers
a variety of crazy hot peppers available for dogecoin!

curious customs
Laser Cut Sconces, Lanterns, Lamps and Nightlights, made in Austin, TX

distinguished imports
We seek out old-world quality and craftsmanship in the products we carry.
This is why we feature beautiful hand blown crystal glassware and charming vintage home décor.
The attention to detail and skill needed to create these classic pieces make them each a work of art.
Come see our full collection today!

duck dance farm
Duck Dance Farm is a small family farm in Burnsville,
NC specializing in rare and heritage breeds of ducks, geese, and chickens.
We are proud to accept Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for our classes, baby bird, eggs, meat, and more!

drew the dragon farmer
Heirloom snapdragon seeds. Such garden

LiYun Flora
Handmade delicate flower arrangements for dogecoin

Piaf Vintage French
We regularly scour the vintage French flea markets to find you exceptional
French vintage objects that are remarkable for their singular beauty, artistry and craftsmanship.


All Things Luxury
We offer a vast selection of jewelry, gold, and silver bullion.
Our products are offered at vastly discounted prices and our inventory is always expanding.

creative truth designs
We have a Natural Crystals and Stones Handmade Jewelry Store on Etsy, every piece is unique.
Im a strong advocate of Dogecoin and I fully support its cause and the heart of its giving shibe community.
We proudly accept Dogecoin and Bitcoin at our store!

droplet JA
a student-run Junior Achievement of Central Ontario (JACO) company.
We sell fashionable jewelry, known as "Miracle Bead Pendants".
We maintain a variety of designs, created by our ingenious production team and hand-made by the rest of the company.

handcracfted jewelery from Dyo

element 7 design inc
Element 7 represents a unique way of looking at and wearing body chain jewelry.
Element 7 stands for merit, innovation, and creativity, and strives to make that apparent in all aspects of the brand.

Unique 3D printed Gifts and Gadgets for everyone.

metal and magick
Handcrafted metal jewelry by matt taylor

ostara moon jewelery
handcrafted, vintage inspired jewelry in brass, gunmetal and copper.

wildfire alien
Curated curiosities


Bryan R. Dale, JD
I am a Toronto lawyer accepting dogecoin for real estate transactions, wills, small business matters and notary services.

Crow Investigations
Hire an experienced Private Investigator for dogecoin.

Pittsburgh Dui Lawyer
Former DUI Prosecutor George Heym now defends those charged with DUI in western PA.

marketing and media

Directory of Design and Marketing Professionals:
a directory of design and marketing firms that covers web design, marketing, seo, print design, etc.
Buy some fabulous pixels with Dogecoin! 1 doge per 1 Pixel each. 50% goes to DogecoinFoundation and Charities!

VBD Produtions
such consulting. very internet. wow. many skills. such SEO. much social.

offering permanent backlinks on the footer of their high traffic website.
Just scroll to the bottom of the site for a link to pay with dogecoin


first cryptocurrency store to accept all major coins in exchange for goods!
Huge inventory and free shipping above $25!

an online auctioning platform for shibes to buy and sell items for Dogecoin

like ebay, but for dogecoin!

a store for the community by the community!

a marketplace that links buyers and sellers of goods for dogecoins

Microjobs for dogecoins

doge outlet
selling a variety of low cost items, with free international shipping. Anything from torches, to toys.
Dogeoutlet helps support the community by providing a portion of all purchases to a charity or foundation of your choice.

doge treasure
Our goal is to provide direct access to the goods you want without the need for cashing out into fiat. Many more items coming soon

much market
Buy and Sell Digital Goods and Downloads for Dogecoin.

shibe mart
Shibe Mart, spend your Ð on services and downloads, for shibes, by shibes

Everything from gold to doritos all for dogecoins!

Online user-based marketplace for various goods

A marketplace where you can buy and sell things for Dogecoin


Female-fronted electronic pop from London, UK.
Now accepting Dogecoin for music downloads directly from the artist.

beats pour moi
The upcoming music promotion service dedicated to discovering
the newest talent in the world of underground electronic music.
We actively search for innovative and exciting music in every corner
of the electronic spectrum, from ambient chillout to house and dance.

A music blog showcasing independent music and free downloads.
Discover new music and tip the artists directly.
If you are an artist, list your songs on our site and receive many downloads and much tips in dogecoin.
An online store is coming soon!

Tailored with the Aristoshibe in mind, our Dogetones pack offers a
refined selection of RCPs classiest tones and can only be purchased with Dogecoin!
Along with a unique selection of our favorite tones paw-picked from all of our apps
weve also designed some brand new signature Dogetones!
promoting electronic music artists that accept dogecoin donations,
and we also enable music artists to sell their music in the website.

buy fox factions new 42-minute 17-track indie electronica album, for sale in dogecoin only.

direct music downloads available for dogecoin.


amaze treats
Buy candy, treats, gift cards and more with DOGE!

bear burgers
Why buy a burger with your Doge? Well, first things first, do it for the burger!
Cooked in a space-helmet. Smothered in Bacon Jam. Dripping with tender eat-me genius. Massaged with Disco.
Crowned with prizes – the EatMeUp Burger Trophy, a Golden Patty award,
now through four rounds and a front-runner for the London Burger Bash.

bit burgers
burgers for your dogecon!
Located at Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane in the UK

bitcoin jerky
selling a variety of jerky for crypto. They now accept DOGE!

crum bum cookies
we use nothing but the best organic ingredients so the cookies are wholesome and pure:
organic chocolate chips, organic pasture butter, organic pasture-raised eggs.

delicous sauce for you! prices in dogecoin

Iron rail diner
Pizza/subs/wings WE deliver! much food! very pizza!

nude food
Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Nutrient-Dense, Raw, Organic & Kosher
Superfood to go – that’s what NudeFood is all about.
Short for “Nutrient-Dense Food,” these raw energy bars are the perfect companion to your
bike ride, hike, mountain climb, gym session, or just to snack through the day healthfully.
We’ve focused in on the balanced nutrition your body needs,
packing in high-calorie raw ingredients, and shunning away the empty-calorie fillers you’ll find in other bars.

nutella for doge
At Nutella for Doge were passionate about two things - Dogecoin and Nutella.
So, we put the two together to make something great.
Not quite as great as Nutella and Strawberries, or Doge and Comic Sans... But still great!

pex peppers
Hand made hot sauces, jellies, and pepper seeds!

salts worldwide
We are your exclusive source for your favorite kinds of sea salt from around the world!
At Salts Worldwide, we believe NOT ALL SALTS are created equal!
We do not just sell any “salt”, we only deal in high quality Unrefined Salt and Sea Salts!
To put it simple we love this misunderstood nutrient, and want to share the best kinds from around the world!

sarahs bakeshop
Delicious cookies by Sarah

steem pb
STEEM is caffeinated peanut butter. What else do we need to say?
STEEM is designed to provide a consistent release of sustained energy,
and the naturally slow digestion of peanut butter is the key to that.
STEEM delivers protein, electrolytes, and caffeine,
granting you hours of endurance and focus, and freeing you from distractions like hunger and fatigue.

strange donuts
Inspired by the new, the old, foods, friends, trends, collaborations and positive energy.
Located in St.louis! Donets for dogecoin.

the wafl stop
WAFL STOP is about bringing quality waffles to you, the customer.
Our first and most important goal is to delight you. You can find us at
O'Donnell's Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5pm. Since the
truck is on wheels, we are also available to cater private or public
events. We are open to any and all opportunities so feel free to contact us
here, by phone, or by email. Have a great day and we hope to see you soon!
405 East Champion St., Bellingham, Washington 98225

nsfw (+18)

crypto sextoys
18+ Only Adult Novelties


Use your dogecoin to buy vintage photography goodness. We love film!

joey stamp photography
NYC based photographer now accepting dogecoin

the photo restoration project
Photo restoration in trade for dogecoins

roberto campos photography
Fashion & Street Photography.
I do outdoor photoshoots, street style and journalistic photography.
Located in Milan, Italy but can travel.

transportation + tours

corinthian transportation
A transportation company in the San Jose, California that rents limos, shuttles and much more.

doge of thrones tours
Tours of the Game of Thrones Locations in Northern Ireland

kelowna delivery
Delivery service Based in Kelowna. Furniture, electronics and more!

Veloleo tours
City and Shopping tours in Milan, Italy - Dogecoin payments get 5% discount!


3d print services
by khoch91

capitol hill consultants
security consulting firm focused on embedded devices, mobile technology,
and the Internet of Things. We work with organizations large and small,
and work to make the Internet of tomorrow secure from the risks of tomorrow.

virtual assistant services available for dogecoin

Get the obituary youve always wanted for yourself but feared you wouldnt live to read.

Gods Creatures Pet Sitting
We are a professional pet sitting company in Southern California
of over 10 years, with 5 stars on yelp & now accepting Doges for dogewalks!

gotham leads
Leads and List service. Buy Telemarketing Lists and Email Lists with Dogecoin!

i love dive
Diving Center Croatia

found in Moscenicka Draga, a small fishing village near Opatija and Rijeka, Croatia.
Some of the services we provide to our guest divers are dive tanks air refill and dive gear rental,
guided dive tours, diving equipement maintenance and reparation, PADI dive courses, shore dives and diveboat transfers.
Youre welcome to leave your bubbles in our sea garden!

K/Hashes for Cash
A small-scale cloud mining option for dogecoin

longest lasers
custom laser cutting, engraving, and fabrication service to the greater Los Angeles area and web clients alike.
cut and engrave custom designs into acrylic, wood, leather, foam and more.
Offering both design and layout services as well as simple cutting and engraving services for those with a design on hand already.

mystic therge astrology
Looking for guidance on your way to the moon? Mine the cosmos
for advice while supporting the Dogecoin community and worthy charitable
causes. Much answers. Many insight.

Junk Removal in Kelowna british columbia

luskwood creatures
the oldest and original Furry Avatar Designers on SecondLife.
Our avatars are now available on the InWorldz grid as well,
and we now accept dogecoin for avatar purchases, modifications, and services.
ModelBuzz is a truly virtual company offering our network of the hottest models on the planet for your virtual currency.
From Amsterdam to NYC, and Paris to Shanghai ModelBuzz and EmmeGirls LLC set the standard for Party Planning,
Luxury Event Production, Staffing, and more! +1 202 436 6577 Skype: GlobalBoost

strips 4 singles
custom comic strips for dogecoin!

The Crypto Depot
is a service where you can buy almost anything on the Internet with your digital currency.
By providing us with a direct link to the item on our website,
well process the order and you can pay in dogecoins!
Very simple process, check our website for the How To with pictures! Also supporting Bitcoin and Litecoin.

the startupshirt
T-shirt services for developers and startups

kuk sool won of pacifica
Martial arts school near san fransico

smoking supplies (+18)

Smoke accessories available exclusively in Doge.

E-cigarettes for shibes!

frontier vapor
Electronic Cigarette Equipment and Premium Made-To-Order eLiquid

highly refined glass
glass smoking accesories available for dogecoin ;)

proud to offer original, New Orleans inspired eJuice and Electronic Cigarettes to jazz up your vaping experience.
All of our ingredients are produced in the United States, ensuring the highest quality.
We’re proud to bring the excitement of New Orleans flavors to the vaping community!
Feel free to explore our catalogue of delicious flavors, and laissez les bon temps rouler.

smoke cartel
quality glass smoking utensils and more for dogecoin

Vapeur Canada
Quality Electronic Cigarettes & E-liquid

software and applications

We make reddit bots in exchange for dogecoin! Just fill out the form to get started!

code reclaimers
a freelance developer specializing in high-performance numerical computing (Python, C, C++, GPGPU).
Soon to be dogecoin Crowdfunding/donation mobile app.
Military and police software available for dogecoin

my mobi services
Provider of mobile solutions for any small business or individual looking to acquire and retain clients.
Specializes in Native and Web Apps, Mobile Websites, Responsive Websites, and other boutique marketing services.

project origin
Project Origin is a crowdfunded project that aims to revolutionize how presenters interface with their computers.

vacation rentals

Island Villas Jamaica
Beautiful villas for rent on the island of Jamaica


arris productions
Production and Filmmakers

weblink pro
Professional Videos for small business for 80,000 Dogecoin.
We offer videos for Real Estate, Accounting, SEO Services, Graphic Design, Interior Design.
Downloadable videos the same day.

vpn services

Hardcore VPN privacy service accepting a hardcore currency
OpenVPN & BitTorrent proxies, anonymous unlimited usage with no logs. World Wide server locations.

web hosting and servers

server hosting in sweden

ceu servers
CEU Servers – hosting services provider, offering dedicated servers and collocation with un-metered connectivity up to 10Gbps.
Now accepting DOGE coins and other crypto currencies as a form of payment.

Craftonne Hosting
Cheap Minecraft servers and webhosting for Ð!

Dedicated web hosting for doges

doge web hosting
Web hosting by shibes for shibes. We offer cpanel hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting.

elite minds
Web hosting

file pup
a fast, reliable and dead simple way to share files with the rest of the world

HJ Host
Small web hosting business which prides itself in accepting DOGE, BTC and LTC!

host engine
Quailty game hosting

host my doge
hosting by doge for doge

cPanel hosting and domain names

a provider of hosting solutions for small businesses, individuals, and enterprises worldwide.
With more than 10 years experience in the industry and a wide range of high demand services,
we will leverage our knowledge and experience to provide the best hosting experience imaginable.
Our goal is to be the strongest long-term hosting provider in the market of Web Hosting, Enterprise Hosting,
Reseller Hosting, Domains Services, and On-Demand IT Solutions by utilizing new technology and innovation.

provides unlimited online backup services for your PC or Mac

Web hosting by ricky hewitt

server bros
Rock solid SSD powered shared cPanel webhosting and VPS Servers - now accepting dogecoins!

shibe hosting
Professional, affordable hosting for personal and small business use. We accept ONLY Dogecoins.

Accepts dogecoins and others!

Zuidplas Computers
We offer hosting and domain registration. You can pay in Dogecoins!

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